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4 months ago
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Hiring... We're looking for an experianced automotive welder to fit in with our existing team here at Exeter Engineering. If you're interested, please contact me directly on ... See more

4 months ago
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Always a joy getting behind the wheel of an Aston... took this tidy DB6 through the motions for a pre purchase inspection on Friday. Not concourse, but a great drivers car.

#AstonMartin #DB6 ... See more

4 months ago
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Big thanks to Andrew Butler Photography for the pics of our Sunbeam S8 restored last year... what a beaut! The bike that is... sorry Andy!

#ClassicBike #Sunbeam #S8 #RideTastefully #Restoration ... See more

4 months ago
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Sometimes it's good to get out of the workshop and have a little fun!

#Triumph #SpeedTwin #Bobber #Dartmoor #Beautiful #Devon #ExeterEngineering #DayOut #NotSoClassic

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Here at Exeter Engineering, we know how important it is during restoration projects to be able to clean things properly.

The pre - cleaning and preparation makes a huge difference to the quality and standard of the finished product, and poor cleaning can cause premature failure of protective and decorative finishes due to corrosion and/or contamination. This also applies to newly manufactured parts and everyday repairs. As tedious as it can be, we like to make sure our cleaning lives up to the same high standard as all our other work.

Industrial cleaning services offered:

Sand/shot/grit/bead blasting
Both solvent and detergent based manual parts washing
Hot washing, pressure washing, steam-cleaning
Chemical dipping (for removal of old adhesives, fillers and finishes)
System flushing and purging
Ultrasonic cleaning
Vapour blasting

Once items are cleaned, we offer a range of protective finishes to finish off the item as required. The protective finishes we offer are as follows:

Wax oiling, seam-sealing, under-sealing, stone-guarding
Wet paint spraying (from tough industrial coatings through to full body shop re-sprays)
Powder coating (in any colour, just provide or select paint code)
Polishing services
Specialist finishes such as chroming, enamelling, anodising - get in touch for further details