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3 months ago
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We're looking for a Mk2 VW Golf GTI 16v that we could borrow for a couple of days, maybe up to a week if anyone has one or knows anyone with one? We are in the final stages of developing a set of ... See more

3 months ago
Photos from Exeter Engineering's post

Dave took a trip up to London back in May to complete a pre-purchase inspection on this monster. Anyone want to take a guess at what it sold for!? Auctioned by @coys1919 at Chiswick house. ... See more

3 months ago
Photos from Exeter Engineering's post

This little beast took a visit to us a couple of weeks back for a small amount of fabrication to its rolebar, simply deleting a rosejoint deemed unsafe by the scrutineers #FabricationFriday #Brabham ... See more

3 months ago
Photos from Exeter Engineering's post

Another engine finished late last year, but havent posted about as yet.. this one is to go in a lovely little BMW 2002tii we've got in build. #noexpensespared #BMW #2002TII #Germanwhip ... See more

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The Process:

Vapour blasting (also known as aqua blasting or slurry blasting), is a wet blasting process perfect for cleaning Aluminium, Bronze, Magnesium, Titanium, Brass, Copper, Steel and Stainless. It will gently clean the surface without damage to gasket faces as it is a non-erosive process, even carburettors can be blasted! It produces a very even satin polished finish and gently peens the surface reducing porosity from casting or previous corrosion and relieving surface stresses. This finish is easy to keep clean; aluminium especially will look “fresh out of the mould” and have a sought after finish for items such as untreated engine casings. Vapour blasting is also a good starting point to obtaining a highly polished finish or applying protective coatings.

The Benefits:

Non aggressive, non erosive
No impregnation of abrasive media
Can be set up to provide a subtle de-burring effect
Media and chemical compositions can be tailored to suit individual needs
Very effective cleaning procedure leaving an “as new finish”
Ideal for any components from engine and gearbox casings to barrels and carbs
Perfect satin finish in its own right, or ideal basis for further coatings

How we do it:

On arrival your components will be stripped, removing all bearings and other ‘internals’ if required.
The parts are then placed into an industrial hot wash for de-greasing. If parts require stripping of lacquer or paint they will be dipped in a suitable chemical stripper or shot blasted as appropriate. Once this is complete the components are then vapour blasted to produce that nice satin sheen finish, and thoroughly cleaned and dried. Various treatments can be applied to protect finished items in the short term, please let us know if ferrous metals are to be re-coated so that we can avoid applying oil! Vapour blasting is a multi-stage process requiring a lot of attention to detail but well worth the effort.