Here you'll find a selection of the many many jobs we get involved in, from engine rebuilds through to full restorations and all the bits and pieces inbetween!

1974 Jaguar E Type S3 V12

This E type under went a full mechanical and body restoration completed mid 2019. The V12 engine was completely overhauled, along with the gearbox, differential, and all running gear. The body was treated to a host of new panels and given a bare metal respray. The original interior was refitted with some new carpets to give it that edge of pattina.

1983 Mercedes 300SL (W107)

The 300SL came in for a body tidy up and a running gear restoration. The SLs are solid cars, but not without there weaknesses. It therefore required some light body restoration, this combined with a full respray, renewed and refurbished subcomponents really transformed not only its appearence, but its driveability.

1973 E Type V12 Engine rebuild

This engine rebuild was undertaken for a number of reasons, including poor running, the burning of oil and a very low oil pressure. It had already been converted to SU's and had the emissions systems removed. While the engine was out, we took the oppertunity to repair a number of areas on the bulkhead, respray the complete engine bay and overhaul brake servo and master cyclinders. The finished article is stunning.

1935 Alvis speed 20

The Alvis speed 20 came in for some trouble shooting due to running issues, having previously dropped a valve the customer was understandably concerned with it's well being. After a good check over, a manifold skim and crack repair, the carbs completely overhauled, and ignition rebuild and set, it ran beautifully.

MGA Engine rebuild

This MGA engine came in for a complete overhaul during a customers home restoration. On it's return the customer then fitted it, progressed the car a little further before handing it back over to us for a complete checkover, run up and tune.

1974 Series 3 Landrover

This Series 3 came in for various bits of body and chassis repairs, including the bulkhead renewal, new doors and door tops, followed by a partial respray. While all the front end was disassembled, the engine received a full head rebuild, new ignition system and a carb rebuild, compliemented with a new braking system, front and rear driveshafts and a rear axle overhaul Not only did this transform the looks, but the driveability.

E type IRS rebuild

This is just one of the many many Jaguar IRS unit rebuilds we undertake for commercial and private individuals around the country and across the world. Each unit is completely stripped down, cleaned, blasted and repainted. All bearings, rubbers and consumables are replaced. The differential, brake callipers, shock absorbers and springs are all either completely overhauled or renewed.

1974 Peugeot 304 Engine rebuild

Another slighty odd, and incredibly rare engine rebuilt completely in house. This 304 required a complete overhaul having seemingly lost all oil pressure, and suffering from low compression. These are odd in many ways due to the fact the gearbox is in the sump, similiar to that of a mini, this results in an strange clutch arrangement and alternator and fan cabling routing. None the less, the engine was comletely overhauled, and can be seen here ready to be refited.

1941 Harley Davidson model U engine rebuild

This flat head Harley Engine was rebuilt on behalf of the customer whom was carrying out a home restoration. Although seemingly simple, these engines timing gears are quite a fiddle to set up. Fortunetely our experianced hands make lightwork of the process!

1932 MG J2

The MG J2 was possibly one of our favourites, after coming in with a rather tight engine, diagnostic work was carried out and found it was due to crankshaft endloat issues. After replacing the front crankshaft bearing and reshimming the front mount, dynamo and camshafts the issues where resolved. It then received a full tune up and it went on it's way!

1974 BMW 2002 Tii Engine rebuild

As part of one of our full restorations, this BMW 2002 Tii engine was fully rebuilt with no expense spared. The engine was seized on arrival, after huge numbers of hours and copious parts it lives again!

1933 Rover 10 Special engine rebuild

With only half a dozen of these cars left on the road, it was important to revive this one. It came in to us for a full engine rebuild after suffering a snapped crank. After many hours and phone calls, another crank was sourced, ground, crack tested and pressed into service. The rest of the engine needed some serious works with the block and head requiring welding amongst other things. It now runs beautifully and gets used as a wedding car on the odd occasion!

1959 Austin Healey 'Frogeye' Sprite

These certainly are timeless classics, this little frogeye received a full restoration here back in 2016. If you've seen us around at a few shows you may be familiar with it!

1903 Rambler 6.5hp

This Rambler is by far the oldest machine we look after... it completes a number of outings a year, the main event being the London to Brighton run, to which we provide support and transport. Over the years we've done quite some work to it... from major radiator repairs, to gearbox and selector modifications and repairs.